Next Generation Academy



Generation Hope is committed to increasing the likelihood that the children of teen parents excel academically and holistically.  We do this through our innovative Next Generation Academy.

Recognizing that the children of teen parents face incredible challenges in their early growth and development, leading to lower levels of school readiness, Next Generation Academy provides the children of our Scholars ages one to five with cognitive and family support to ensure that they enter kindergarten ready. The four major services offered to the children of our Scholars through Next Generation Academy are:

  1. Home visiting/case management to address their individual needs

  2. Literacy and social-emotional interventions

  3. Mental health support

  4. Matching them with families in the community that will provide resources and connections to assist with family needs

Get Involved

We are looking for Resource Families to be matched with our Scholar Families!  This is a great opportunity for people to volunteer with their family, including children, or to volunteer in groups.  As a Generation Hope Resource Family, you will:

  • Be matched with a Scholar Family consisting of a teen parent attending college and their child(ren), ages 1-5

  • Help fulfill the needs of the Scholar Family by connecting them with individuals, organizations, and resources within your network

  • Provide needed tangible items (such as diapers and school supplies) at specific times throughout the year

  • Provide either $100 per month (or $1,200 annually) to help Scholars enroll their children in high-quality childcare and other enrichment activities

  • Get to know your Scholar family throughout the year by attending at least 6 group dinners annually

  • Experience a rewarding family-oriented volunteer and giving opportunity helping a young family thrive

Questions?  Please contact Michelle Avelino at 202-656-9539 or