Fundraise for GH

Host a Fundraiser that Will Change a Family's Future

Attendees at a fundraiser for Generation Hope

Attendees at a fundraiser for Generation Hope

When it comes to fundraising for Generation Hope, the sky is the limit!  We’ve listed some ideas to get your creative juices going.

Some Fundraising Tips

  1. Send personal emails to get your attendees and participants excited about your fundraising goal.  Mass emails are less effective.  Sharing your event on Twitter and Facebook can compliment your direct emails and serve as great reminders!
  2. Tell people about the basics, but also tell them why you believe in Generation Hope.  That's what motivates people to give!
  3. Do you homework.  Make sure you know the basics about our Scholar Program and why our work is needed.  People will ask questions, and you will be the in-house expert!   
  4. Start off the giving yourself.  When people see that you have made a donation, it shows that you are serious about supporting Generation Hope.  It's a powerful statement! 
  5. Express your appreciation for every single donation.  A handwritten note or a phone call goes a long way! 

Generation Hope is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Host a "Dinner for a dream"

Dinner for a Dream nights (DFDs) are opportunities for you to assist us in spreading the word about Generation Hope by inviting your neighbors, employees, business contacts, friends and family to learn more about our mission and how they can get involved.  You provide the venue, munchies, and attendees, and we provide the information and a GH Scholar and Sponsor to talk about the importance and impact of our mission. 

Contact us to schedule a "Dinner for a Dream"!

Set Up A Fundraising Page

You can set up an online fundraiser for Generation Hope through  Setting up your fundraising page is easy, and you can create a fundraising goal, track donations from your friends and family, and share your fundraiser on Twitter and Facebook.  Start your fundraiser now!


Other Fundraising Ideas

Businesses and Organizations

  • Casual Dress-Down Day
  • Bake Sale
  • Organize an event (golf tournament, bowling party, etc.)


  • Sports tournament (flag football, volleyball, etc.)
  • Bachelor or bachelorette auction
  • Holiday party and charge admission (Halloween,"Last day of classes," etc.)

We’d love to work with you to make sure your fundraising event is a success.  Please contact Founder & CEO, Nicole Lynn Lewis, at or (202) 656-8704.