About Generation Hope

We believe in the potential of YOUNG FAMILIES

reducING poverty one family at a time by providing MENTORING, resources and services to help D.C. AREA teen parents become college graduates and to help their little ones enter kindergarten at higher levels of school readiness.

Generation Hope is the only community-based nonprofit organization in the D.C. region focused on college completion and early childhood success for two populations that are dismissed regarding their potential and dreams for the future, and we are a rarity across the United States.   In fact, Generation Hope's founder was named a 2014 CNN Hero and the organization has been recognized by The Washington Post, "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams," and "The Steve Harvey Show" for its innovative work.  

College Access and One-on-One Mentoring

Generation Hope 2018 Annual Report

Generation Hope 2018 Annual Report

Founded in 2010, Generation Hope selects teen mothers and teen fathers who have displayed academic achievement and a desire to go to college to become Scholars in the Generation Hope Scholar Program. Teen parents are often dismissed by school officials and others when it comes to their potential to pursue higher education. Generation Hope presents college-readiness workshops in the community throughout the year to identify and recruit promising students to our program. Once accepted, Generation Hope provides each Scholar with three main supports that we believe increase the likelihood that they will obtain their college degree; up to $2,400 per year in tuition assistance, one-on-one mentoring, and case management. Additionally, Scholars receive an increased network of support from the extended family that the program provides to them and to their young children. This support stays with Scholars until they earn their two or four-year degree. Read our one-pager to learn more.


Next Generation Academy provides the children of our our Scholars ages 1 through 5 with literacy and academic interventions, social-emotional learning, and parenting support to help them enter kindergarten at higher levels of school readiness.   The four major services offered to the children of our Scholars through Next Generation Academy are home visiting/case management, literacy and social-emotional interventions, mental health support, and matching them with families in the community that will provide resources and connections to assist with family needs.  


In January 2018, Generation Hope's board of directors approved a new strategic plan, resulting in a three-year strategy that formalizes Generation Hope’s two-generation solution to poverty by enhancing our Scholar Program in intentional and meaningful ways while at the same time piloting new children’s programming, which will include home visiting, literacy, social-emotional learning, and parenting support services for Scholars’ children ages 1 to 5.  Our goal is to help teen parents become college graduates while ensuring their little ones enter kindergarten at higher levels of school readiness. Read the full plan.

 investing in an individual, a family, and a community

Generation Hope Sponsors directly invest in our Scholars with both their time and financial giving. Their generosity has provided more than $160,000 in college tuition support to these young parents, and they have taken an active part in mentoring them in their journey to become college graduates.  We are seeing the fruits of this investment -- 70% of our Scholars maintain a GPA of 2.5 or greater each semester. Generation Hope's incredible Sponsors are investing time, energy and resources in ensuring that teen parents have the same chances at a college degree and success as their peers.  


A Letter from Nicole, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dear Friends,  

The day I graduated from college as a teen mother, I felt three things.  One, a tremendous sense of accomplishment, two, a realization that I needed a job, and three, an overwhelming desire to help other teen parents become college graduates too.  Read more...

I had never heard of an organization that does that. So this was so great. It opened up a new door for me. It’s just been a blessing.
— Scholar Bryony Njala, Northern Virginia Community College